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Welcome to CryptosBuilder

CryptosBuilder is a program developed by marketers for marketers.

As program owners and members alike come together to give you the fastest filling matrix system every created. CryptosBuilder takes the rewarding personal forced matrix and combines it with a unique twist of a company forced system. Scroll down to How It Works to read more about our plan.

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Why CryptosBuilder

What Makes Us Unique

Our program was designed to help our members to build their Bitcoin portfolio. All of our commissions are paid out in Bitcoin increments. Our advertising fee is just ₿0.0025. This is a one time fee for our subscription based, personally forced 2x20 system. You will earn 100% matching bonus on all of your personally sponsored referrals matrix commissions.

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How It Works

Our system is a revolutionary twist on the old boring one time purchase forced matrix programs. We have taken a one time purchase and turned into recurring income that can go on and on for months, years or even decades!

Pay Plan 1: Weekly 2x20

Your purchase (₿0.0025) is actually pre-payment for TWENTY weekly purchases of ₿0.000125 bitcoin that generates commission upline for 20 levels! The KEY FEATURE here is that when you refer others you are essentially creating 20 weeks of income from that one person alone. As you continue to refer (and even get spillover) you are adding more and more 20 weeks of residual income! But, it gets better, because for each direct referral you'll earn ₿0.0002 bitcoin each week in addition to the matrix income you can see below. In addition, you'll also receive a 100% matching bonus on the income of all of your direct referrals - this is huge. Every time you your referral earns in the matrix, YOU earn too!

Subscription Features

When you create your subscription for just ₿0.0025 you will receive 1 matrix position under your sponsor. Each week when your subscription renews, you will receive another position under your TOP position helping you, your sponsor and your downline fill up their 2x20 matrix.

Our program features a 20 week subscription which is vital for success. Each week when your subscription renews you will be placing a new position in your own matrix that will help you complete your 2x20 mattrix as well as you upline and downline.

  • 20 Week Subscription
  • Renews Every 7 Days
  • Fills Your Matrix
  • Fills Your Sponsor Matrix
  • Fills your downlines Matrix
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Pay Plan 2

Our simple 10 level 3x1 system can you earn bitcoin over and over again.

Plan 2: 3x1 Matrix System

As you can see you can start with just 0.00031 and work your way up to the 0.13 BTC level. You will receive a reentry to any of the levels you cycle, allowing you to earn unlimited BTC on each level. Cycle Level 5 and earn a paid subscription in the 2x20 Matrix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the membership?

    Each subscription cost ₿0.0025

  • Any Additional Fees?

    There is no deposit fee. There is a 5% withdrawal fee.

  • What do I get for my membership fee?

    You will receive 1000 Text ad Credits and 500 Banner ads each renewal.

  • Can we PIF members?

    Yes, You can PIF personal direct referrals instantly for 0.0025 btc.

  • What is GLOBAL PIF?

    Any member who has been free for 5 days goes into a Global PIF pool where anyone can PIF them to be their sponsor.

  • What Payments do you Accept?

    We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum via Coinpayments.

CryptosBuilder is an advertising based program. All purchases give you access to our personally forced matrix platform system